Christmas Draw Winners

Published: at 2:22pm

Please collect your prizes from the bar

Here is a list of the winners of our Christmas Draw:

150 Inch TelevisionAlex Bray
2Gin and Glasses898Kay
3Black Heart Stout801Lee Blackmore
4Roses730M Orledge
5J20 and Glasses199Luke Spokes
6Set of Mugs684B Jefferies
7Beer and Glasses854Georgia Burgess
8Beer and Glasses1763Hilda and Colin
9Beer and Glasses1424Chris Parke
10Beer and Glasses1590Chris Wilson
11Beer and Glasses1324Cerys
12Red Wine939Elaine Nelson
13Beer and Glasses303Jasmine Tuodolo
14Baileys599Ben Nicholas
15Red Wine318Tracy Parry
16Chocolates and Purse222Alex Bray
17Toiletries389Kev McClure
18Budweiser1753Chris Blake
19£50 Voucher For Pack Horse901Mat
20Cup and Tray374Ellie Clements
21Strowbow1359Ally Magee
22Champagne1382Andy Douglas
23Heroes370Ellie Clements
24Coke and Glasses177Luke Spokes
25Gin396Lelia McClure
26Prosecco1422Chris Parke
28£100 Shopping Voucher1115John Applegate
29Gin and Glasses1125John Applegate
30Coke and Glasses618James Gadiner
31Toiletries369Ellie Clements
32Celebrations720Doreen Rose
33Whisky955Doreen Rose
34Champagne499Tyreke Johnson
35Quality Strret1451Paul Lorimer
36Heroes1693Jim Pithie
37Gin and Glasses496Tyreke Johnson
38Coke and Glasses1540Ros Hutchins
39J20 and Glasses124Kunmi Fasanmade
40J20 and Glasses732Shirley Skidmore
41Coke and Glasses772Terry Kington
42Vodka1538Ros Hutchins
43Whiskey500Tyreke Johnson
44Prosecco89Phoebe Clements
45White Wine1301Debbie Farrow
46Red Wine852Georgia Burgess
47White Wine1469Jesssica Swanborough
48White Wine232Mathew Nicholls
49Toy Hamper525Wil Hulbert
50Sunday Dinner HamperLee Kington

Please collect your prizes from the bar

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