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This Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) sets out the measures to be used to maintain a safe environment for all visitors to Chippenham Town FC and to reduce the transmission risk of Covid-19 as far as is reasonably practicable. Particular attention will be given to those at greatest risk including vulnerable groups eg pregnant women and those with underlying health conditions.

As social distancing rules and guidance are under continuous review, this document must be interpreted in accordance with prevailing guidance in operation from time to time. Any person not willing to comply with the requirements set out in this document will not be allowed access to the Thornbury Surfacing Ltd Stadium (TSS).


a. This document is effective from July 2020 and applies to all CTFC personnel including Club volunteers and service providers.

b. Any CTFC staff member, including playing staff, displaying Covid-19 systems or in contact with someone displaying symptoms within the 2 weeks prior to any event, should stay at home until they are advised they no longer need to isolate. All CTFC personnel visiting TSS must undertake a self-screen checklist before attending the Stadium and must bring the completed form with them. Players should present them to the coaching staff and CTFC staff, including volunteers, to the CTFC Covid Officer, Jason Norman, or any CTFC Board member in his absence. If any question answers “yes”, the individual must stay at home.

c. Note: All CTFC matchday staff, players and playing staff other than those present in the technical area during the match, must wear a face covering while in the Stadium. CTFC service providers eg stewards and external catering staff must wear face masks and/or other PPE appropriate to their roles.


It is the responsibility of:

i. The Chippenham Town FC Board to ensure this RAMS has been communicated to all CTFC staff;

ii. The coaching team to ensure compliance amongst themselves and the players;

iii. All members of the Club’s staff including volunteers who must report any known confirmed or expected Covid-19 infections that have occurred within their environments that may increase the infection risk to any other member of the Club’s staff or visitors TSS; and iv. Spectators to comply with Government guidance for attending football events and all related measures put in place by CTFC to provide a safe as possible environment. Failure to observe any or all of this guidance will mean entry to TSS will be refused or removal from the stadium.


In this RAMS:

No Risk: No action required. No documentary records kept other than risk assessments.

Trivial: No action required. No documentary records kept other than risk assessments.

Tolerable: No additional controls are required. Considerations may be given to a more cost-effective solution or improvement that imposes no additional cost burden. Monitoring is required to ensure that the controls are maintained.

Moderate: Efforts should be made to reduce the risk, but costs of prevention should be carefully measured and limited. Risk reduction measures should be implemented as soon as is reasonably practical preferably within a defined time period. Where the moderate risk is associated with extremely harmful consequences, further assessment may be necessary to establish more precisely the likelihood of harm as a basis for determining the need for improved control measures.

Risk : Who might be affected Controls Required Additional Controls Risk Level All Actions Ongoing
Spread of Covid-19 Any person visiting TSS. Promoting Good Hygiene

Provide additional hand sanitisers throughout the clubhouse.
Clearly direct people to where they can wash their hands.
Ensure that all handwashing stations are in working order and fully stocked.
Provide hygiene standards promotional poster and signage throughout TSS Use disposable equipment where possible.
All CTFC staff to complete self-screen check before leaving home.

Hourly and post-match stock check process (sanitiser, soap and paper towels and
handwashing stations).
Remove towels from toilets and disconnect hand driers.
Additional gates opened for fast entrance.
CTFC website to publicise Instructions for all visitors on web site.
No socialising outside ground. Moderate

Spread of
Covid-19 CTFC personnel and Visitors to TSS. Keep Facilities and Equipment Clean

Thorough cleaning of all areas of the Stadium.
Identify high-contact touch points for more regular cleaning (e.g. door handles, push plates, bar top).
Frequent cleaning of work areas and equipment between use.
Provide more waste facilities.
Remove any non-essential items that may be difficult to clean.

Weekly cleanse and of all areas and surfaces including toilet facilities the latter cleaned after each event.
Empty waste facilities regularly.

Spread of
Covid-19 CTFC personnel and Visitors to TSS. Maintaining Social Distancing

Provide signage so people can find their destination quickly.
Review how people walk through TSS and adjust to reduce congestion and contact.
Regulate entry to all TSS facilities to avoid overcrowding.
Apply social distancing markings wherever appropriate.

Floor signs and posters help to promote and indicate the safe route. Zone Map to indicate accessible areas and by whom.
Sprayed arrows to denote the routes eg Red Zone to follow. Moderate

Spread of Covid-19 CTFC personnel and Visitors to TSS Visitors will be directed to an appropriate area of car park. Vehicle access controlled. Car parking possibly limited.
One-way arrow markings to help foot traffic flow management.
One-way only doorways to avoid congestion Single/limited use toilet facilities to avoid congestion in confined spaces.
Main stand management to ensure seating is in socially distanced bubbles.
Spectator perimeter standing defined.
Wheelchair users and their carers.

CTFC staff and stewards must enforce social distancing in stadium including on terraces. Stands to be marked with appropriate intervals.

Appropriately distanced seating in all areas including press etc. Stewards to monitor occupancy.
Markers will indicate safe queuing at the shop, bar, kitchen serving window (if installed) maintaining social distancing.
Manage the number of people using the toilets by decreasing the number of available toilets and wash basins.
Spectator distancing around the ground will be defined using markers at safe distances.
Regular PA reminders. One user only.

Wheelchair users and their carers to be socially distanced in stand space. Other areas may have to be considered to provide this facility if numbers dictate.
Organised to ensure at least two per stand. Supporters themselves to assist.
Chanting not permitted. Persistent offenders ejected from ground.

2 x CTFC gantry staff only. Photographers must be socially distanced pitch side. Media interviews to be conducted with an extended microphone.

Spread of
Covid-19 CTFC personnel and Visitors to TSS Support NHS Track and Trace

Collect name and contact phone number from everyone who enters TSS.
For groups, take one contact and record only the additional number of people in
that group.

The data will only be used for track and trace, kept for 21 days and destroyed thereafter. All data will be stored confidentially in accordance with GDPR regulations.
Spread of
Covid-19 CTFC personnel and Visitors to TSS Cleaning of equipment for training
and matches

All equipment will be cleaned regularly and after each use. No sharing of bibs or
kit and goal posts and corner poles will be sanitised before each use and at half time.

Players will need to bring their own drinking bottles and fill them themselves.
Kit staff will take responsibility for sanitising the posts. Hygienic wet wipes and sanitiser will be made available to help keep footballs clean. Moderate

Spread of
Covid-19 CTFC personnel and Visitors to TSS Welfare and Hospitality

Everyone should self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms before every event iaw the General Scope para above.


Changing rooms and showers present a greater risk and although available, time in them should be kept to a minimum and with the least number of people possible to reduce risk. Where practicable players should go home to shower.
Visiting clubs and match official hospitality is suspended for the foreseeable future.
Spread of
Covid-19 CTFC personnel and Visitors to TSS Travel (Home and Away)

Players to travel independently to all events unless social bubbles have been formed. Those sharing a vehicle must use a face covering mask and remain in the same social bubble each time they travel.

Regular hand washing is encouraged and regular use of hand sanitiser when travelling together. The vehicle should be kept clean inside and frequent touch points sanitised. Where feasible, windows should be opened to aid ventilation.

Spread of
Covid-19 CTFC personnel and Visitors to TSS First Aid

If there is a first aider or other medical person present, they should be equipped with the appropriate PPE in the event social distancing guidelines must be put aside to provide medical assistance. They should have updated themselves on any changes in first aid procedure required by the pandemic.

Only the Club’s appropriate employees will be able to provide first aid support. They are all aware of the need to wear the appropriate PPE to protect themselves and those they attend. Tolerable
Spread of
Covid-19 CTFC personnel and Visitors to TSS Covid-19 Officer

CTFC has appointed a Covid Officer with general responsibility for Covid related matters.

The Covid Officer will be assisted in his responsibilities by various CTFC officers and staff. These will typically be Board members but other staff including volunteers may be enlisted. The Covid Officer is responsible for managing the club’s processes and procedures to maintain compliancy to all guidance and regulations governing the safe return of football to TSS.
No Risk
Spread of
Covid-19 CTFC personnel and Visitors to TSS Dugouts and Technical areas

Social distancing must be adhered to within the dugout/technical areas which will be extended.
Match ball out of play.

Technical areas will be extended and player safe standing havens provided at rear of dug outs.
Only nominated returnees to return match balls to dug outs for sanitisation before further use.
Spread of
Covid-19 CTFC personnel and Visitors to TSS Communications

All communication equipment eg pa must be sanitised before and after use.

Equipment to be used by one person only. Tolerable
Spread of
Covid-19 CTFC personnel and Visitors to TSS Commercial Activities

50/50, Golden Goal Tickets and match day programmes.

These items will mostly be sold via an external facility appropriately safeguarded with the seller wearing PPE. Where items are sold inside the Stadium (ie Golden Goal tickets), the seller will wear a face covering and gloves.


5.1 The aim is for football to return in a safe as possible environment for all visitors to TSS. In order to do so, measures need to be in place to create an appropriate environment to restart whilst adhering to guidance in place from time to time. Everyone, including visitors to the ground, has a part to play in keeping TSS safe.

5.2 The club will provide appropriate hand sanitiser stations for all visitors at entry and exit points to TSS. Access and egress to TSS will be closely monitored and directed as appropriate to meet social distancing guidelines. All CTFC staff and agents operating within the ground eg snack bar will be required to assess their areas of activity before the commencement of each event and provide confirmation of compliancy which must be given immediately to the CTFC Covid-19 officer, Club Secretary or any CTFC Board member for retention by the Club. More specific instructions are contained in this RAMS.

5.3 Coaches and kit staff must arrive in good time to set up and create safe zones or designated areas for all players. All equipment to be provided by the kit staff should be cleaned before the event and immediately afterwards. This is non-negotiable. Guidelines for the management of fixtures must be followed at all times. Any and every known Covid-19 case MUST be reported to the Covid Officer or other CTFC Board member as soon as it becomes known and may lead to individuals having to immediately return home to self-isolate in line with Government guidelines.

5.4 Players are not permitted to train or play if showing any symptoms. If a player develops symptoms post training or fixture then all players and staff will be required to self-isolate for 14 days. No player or coach should travel or accept lifts from others outside of the same bubble and should only travel in accordance with Government guidelines. Arrival at TSS should be no earlier than required by the coaching staff in order to reduce risk. Any one-way systems in place for vehicles and visitors either externally or internally the Stadium must be observed. Parents must ensure that they and their children observe social distancing requirements. Any parent not adhering to the rules will be asked to leave the premises and take their children home. At the end of the event, everyone must leave quickly in accordance with social distancing and any directions announced via the PA. No gatherings will be permitted after the event or outside the Stadium.


The potential impact of Covid-19 is well known by everyone. Should any member of CTFC staff or visitor to TSS feel unable comply with the measures set out in this RAMS, they will be asked to leave the facility.


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